Ginger Dogs

These two are the real ginger dogs! Brothers from another mother, they've stolen our hearts. 645px-love-heart-svg.svg.png They are the reason behind the Ginger Dog brand of products - we love them so much, we believe its important to give them the absolute best - including locally manufactured pet products!

, our Puggle is now 9 years old. He was purchased online (likely from a backyard breeder), before we knew what rescue was. A Puggle is a pug crossed with a beagle - and I must admit, he is the biggest puggle I have ever seen (at a light 50lbs).

Casey is human, he loves to snuggle, snores like a beast, loves swimming, loves the sunshine and is quite the character. He is extremely good at silently communicating at what he wants (he points). This little dude has alot of personality! Right now he is sitting here staring at me as I type this, almost to say " Don't forget to say I'm cute!" - which he clearly is.

zack2web.jpgZack, our second ginger dog, is a 8 year old Potcake. Potcake's are street dogs from the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. (Otherwise known as a mutt!) Locals used to feed them caked on food at the bottom of pots. A strange creature he can be, but it has been truly amazing what he has taught us about feral dogs and trust.

He's a goofball, copies Casey, runs like the wind, loves to chase things, loves attention and lets not forget he's our alarm (as he's barked us out of bed on many occasions).  Visit Potcake Place for more information on Potcakes!